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What about us and Northern Hunt? Favicon Northern Hunt

Who we are and how long is Norther Hunt around?

First of all this whole business is very much a family business.
Why I am saying that.
Because the whole family is involved and by now it is pretty much in our blood for generations. Fishing, hunting, shooting and outdoor activities is tracing back for generations trough military service, being actively involved and doing it with a passion and love. It simply the way of our life. Our families are going back in time with this type of activities when black powders was the only powder and they didn’t know what is a fishing or hunting license, but they was doing it any way. Reloading and smiting by grandparents was done not like a hobby but simple because of practical and economical need for that.
The selling of the equipment and gears our family started full time to operate by now for over 6 years via different web sites, gun shows, wholesale and directly. We are registered business with a import export license. Please read more details about that on our page:

So the web site Northern Hunt come as normal continuance of our family life style and business transforming it in the modern age.
Why the name “Northern Hunt”?
We are in Canada, “Ey”. For the rest the world that is “North”.
“Hunt”, well we are a family of hunters. Simply this Domain Name was available and well fit for our family business and here we are today.
But this not what is all about.
We doing this and building a relationship for many years to come. We like to talk to you today, tomorrow, next year, 2020, 2030 and according to our kids many decades in future.
It took as also much longer to do this web site but there are reasons for that. One of the biggest reasons is that we wanted to build a presentation and web site for our customers and friends that show the products with good information and at most honest way.

Here is one of the examples.: “The pictures”

All the SEOs, webmaster gurus and other web gads are recommending this rules:

1. Don’t Use High Resolution Photos
2. Don’t Load a Larger Picture Size Than You Need
3. Don’t Mix And Match Different Photo Sizes For Your Photos

1. Well we did used high resolution photos, because we want our viewers to have a best possible look on the products and see and understand what we are offering. After all “The picture worth a thousand words” and we believe that a good quality picture worth a lot more.

2. We did load larger pictures from what is recommended, again in effort to provide you the better information.

3. Yet again we didn’t follow that rule eider. You will notice that in a group of the pictures for same product would be different size. Our goal was user best experience, not uniform and “ok” quality pictures. Believe it or not we would take sometime 50 pictures in order to pull out the best one and make a decision to use that “one” picture for a reason.

The same type of mine frame and concept we applied for the building of the whole web site having always in the mind the experience of the user.
Our mine set is not just to offer you and sell you the products on our web site but to shear the experience and a knowledge.
Answer your questions the best we can and even to ask questions. We are also lunching couple of forums that are free to join and we are hoping that you will join in to share the knowledge and passion about your hobbies and experiences.
Somebody said:
“What good is knowledge if you don’t shear it” and we completely agree with that.
We try to apply that rule to our site by having a section with a free manuals, links and information.

Another clear example of that is when we share the information with you how you can yous one laser bore slighter for other cartridge application or how to use the universal bore slighter to to sight in your crossbow. This are the efforts and ideas that come from our research and testing the products and different situation and we try to share that knowledge with you.
On the Northern Hunt you can also ad reviews of the products and we are really hoping that you will do that and be honest. By doing that you will help us to improve the quality and selections of products that we will offer you in the future.
Our biggest marketing and advertisement strategy is a “Word of the mouth”.
We will work hard and honestly hoping that a happy customers will spread the word between a friends on the range and clubs, hunting cabin’s, families, on line and where ever the moment or situation arise.
Please if you have any suggestion or question fill free to contact us.

Thank you,
Northern Hunt

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