12 GA Good used box of 1000 shells

12 GA Good used box of 1000 shells Northern Icon

This product is sold in Canada only. Shipping is pending on location, but is usually from $ 20.00 to $ 35.00.

Please CONTACT with a postal code before ordering and we will quote regarding shipping.

The box of 1000 Winchester is $ 40.00 and we also have other quality brands that will go cheaper (like $ 25.00 and  up for box of 1000).

These are used, once fired (discharged) 12 GA unprimed (spent primer is on the shell) hand picked, good quality shells for reloading.

The box always have more then a 1000 shells, but is labeled “1000 Shell Box”.

This is a great product and opportunity for reloading your own shells.

Everybody have their own reason for reloading but if you do so, you will have a much better quality product that will affect the life time of your firearm in a very positive way.

These days you can purchase factory 12 GA loaded Shotshells very cheap. It looks like good money saving, but here is a question.

Ask yourself how good is the quality of the powder and components and  if they are so cheap what is that doing to your firearm.
Do your own research on the destruction of firearms due to “cheap” ammo.

The price difference in lb of the cheapest and the expensive reloading gun powder is usually not more then $ 10.00. My personal opinion is that a cheapest shot shell reloading powder have more quality properties then powder that is loaded in a half of the market available factory shells.

There is also a satisfaction knowing that you don’t have to rely on store or market availability and that you improved your personal readiness and preparedness.

If you master the art of reloading you can also much more control your recoil and better shot patterns.

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12 GA Good used box of 1000 shells Favicon Northern Hunt

This product is sold in Canada only.

The pictures are of the actual box of 1000 shells (closer to 1100) getting ready to be mailed to the customer.

Favicon Northern Hunt

Shotgun ammo is arguably the most specialized type of ammo on the market today.
If you are hunting game birds, deer or any small to medium game, your will need a shot size and load to suit your needs. It is easy for most of the people to drive to the store and pick up the box.
If you are not in that situation or even driving is a distance it is cheaper and much better to load your own with a good quality material. Also you are much more in control of your recoil and pattern.
Even with a relatively “low” price of 12 GA it is worth reloading your own slugs, buck and turkey loads.
If you are shooting 16, 20, 28 GA or 410 bore then reloading is feasible in any size of the pellets.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 60 x 40 x 30 cm