.300 Winchester Magnum Cartridge Laser Bore Sighter

.300 Winchester Magnum Cartridge Laser Bore Sighter Northen-Hunt-Favicon

Please note that this cartridge could be also used to do a Bore Sighting of 300 RUM (.300 Remington Ultra Magnum). The overall length of the .300 WM cartridge casing is 2.62″. The .300 RUM casing length is 2.85″. The diameter of both cartridges is the same. One can place the .300 WM Laser Cartridge in 300 RUM rifle and without closing the bolt proceed to perform bore sighting.

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.300 Winchester Magnum Cartridge Laser Bore Sighter Northen-Hunt-Favicon

This product is covered, with our (1) One Year Warranty Program against normal wear and usage. Please note that most of our products are covered with a least 1 Year Warranty and that we stand 100 % behind the products we are offering.

TAX INCLUDED in price.

Please, if you have to, close slowly / gently the action (“breech”). Hard closing or slamming could easily damage the bore sighter, when performing bore sighting. Same with dry-firing the weapon, which is not recommended in any situation in any way. Such an action will leave a mark on the cartridge because it is usually made of brass or aluminum and a breech is stronger metal.

Never point laser on the person or animal. They are strong and would possible harm the eye.

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Dimensions 9 x 22 x 5 cm