From .22 to 50 Cal.

Universal laser bore sight kit .22 – .50 Cal

Universal laser bore sight kit covering .22 – .50 Cal Northen-Hunt-Favicon

This product is covered, with our (1) One Year Warranty Program against normal wear and usage. Please note that most of our products are covered with a least 1 Year Warranty and that we stand 100 % behind the products we are offering.


Individual caliber Laser Cartridge units also available covering all calibers and GA.

Ask how to use this kit for sighting in your crossbow.

Never point laser on the person or animal. They are strong and would possible harm the eye.


Universal Laser Bore Sighter Kit Northen-Hunt-Favicon is made to fit calibers from .22 to .50, this kit lets you simply select the proper arbor (adapter), slide on to the laser tool and turn the switch on for quick and accurate sighting. The unit projects a laser dot from the center of the bore. Calibrate your sights or scope to match the dot and you’re done.

Manufacturer is claiming : “This tool will put you very close to the center at 100 yards almost every time.”

Everybody is different but this is what I usually do: Make a first adjustment on paper target right across of garage or basement. Next step is 25 yards, then 50 yards on the range. After that it only takes 3 or less shots to get it where I like it. That is a lot cheaper then a box of ammo and bulls eye is more fun then going all over a paper. Did I mention that we are using this tool for crossbow sighting. Ask us how?

Includes everything necessary to sight in your favorite rifle or pistol


< 1mW Class II Laser

4 bore Adjustable Adapters to Fit all .22-50 Caliber and Riles

Package Size: 18.5 x 7.8 x 2.7cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:

-1 x Laser Bore Red Dot Sighter (with battery compartment)

-4 x Adjustment Adapters

-1 x Screw

-1 x Screwdriver

-2 x Hex Key

-3 x AG13 Battery

-1 x User Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.240 kg
Dimensions 20 x 8 x 5 cm