Red dotGreen dot sights are excellent choice for Tactical application. With a large field of view their application is a very good choice for volatile close combat situations. That is why you will see them in service of many professional forces and units globally. You will notice them on the most of the guns of our allied forces and also not so friendly modern equipped forces world-wide. They are just extremely practical. This site is also our family personal preference for slug type deer hunting.
Because of the preference for close and mid field application and again a large size of optics, it is a good choice for Hunting shotguns specially with older hunters or when a hunter needs a help to improve visibility. They are actually also a perfect choice for, black-powder or crossbow application comparing to bed sites and scopes. With an easy adjustment of riser and windage aiming points of the laser dot you have perfect sighting tool for close and mid range application (up to 150-200 yards). You can also make a choice between the red and green dot and 5 levels of the brightens, really a personal preference.
They are also preferable choice for air-soft sporting community because of above mentioned qualities.
They are shock proof, waterproof and units have fairly long batteries life.

Red-Green dot site   Red Green dot site BSA   NORTHERNHUNT Red Dot Sight (8)   NORTHERNHUNT Red Dot Sight (9)  NORTHERNHUNT Red Dot Sight (7)   NORTHERNHUNT Red Dot Sight (5)   NORTHERNHUNT Red Dot Sight (4)   NORTHERNHUNT Red Dot Sight (1)   NORTHERNHUNT Red Dot Sight (2)

This product is covered, with our (1) One Year Warranty Program against normal wear and usage. Please note that most of our products are covered with a least 1 Year Warranty and that we stand 100 % behind the products we are offering. TAX INCLUDED in price.

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